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Gaillard Pascal

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Assistant professor / researcher




Contact and links:


Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès, MSHS-T CNRS USR3414 / Maison de la Recherche

5 allées Antonio Machado / 31058, Toulouse Cedex 9, France

Phones numbers : +33 (0)5 61 50 4872 / +33 (0)5 61 50 2136

Research thematics:

My research domain is the study of the auditory categorisation. The hypothesis is that we organize our perception by categorisation to teach and to organise our sound world. This categorisation is dynamic (it is not fixed by a training, but varies according to needs), cognitive driven, and the objective of action depends very directly on task, and of action goal.

My studies concern three types of auditory stimuli: speech, music and environmental sounds. They are principally based on the theory of prototype and typicality, developed by Rosch (1976) and taken back in France by Dubois (1991). With objective to answer this hypothesis, I collaborate on some studies in several domains:

  • studies with non-deaf and deaf people, children and adults, with cochlear implant, to understand their perception of environmental sounds.
  • studies to simulate specific deafness (for example presbyacousy) to preset auditory aids.
  • studies on the understanding (and the diference with intelligibility) of speech, and its applications in industrial domain.

The experimentation using the prototype categorization theory require experimental paradigms ad hoc. It is for it that I develop since 2003 experimental software TCL-LABX (

The research in audition also passes by adapted technological facilities, that is why I have the responsability of the "Cognition, Behaviour and Use" facilities (CCU) including a set in audition (audiometric cabin).

Current projects


"The Smell of Stones and the Sound of Trees": For the experimentation of a blind sensory approach of the mountain landscapes.

Leader: Jean-Paul Métailié (GEODE UMR5602)

Partners : CLLE - UMR 5263 (CNRS), MSHS-T USR3414 (CNRS), DYNAFOR-UMR 1201 (INRA Toulouse), IRIT-UMR 5505 (CNRS) - ESPE

Région Midi-Pyrénées, call "Contrat Laboratoire Entreprise", Project PHONICS

PHONICS has as aim to spread the fields of application of a tool developed in another plan which benefited from a regional financing (call AGILE-IT 2012)

Leader: Pascal Gaillard (MSHS-T, PETRA)

Partners : Xavier Aumont (ARCHEAN Technologie)

Administrators: CNRS DR14

INCa (Institut National du Cancer), Free projects of research in Human and Social Sciences, Epidemiology and Public health

C2SI : Carcinologic Speech Severity Index: A Speech disorders Severity Index to measure the impact of oral and pharyngeal cavity on speech production

Leader: Virginie Woisard (CHU de Toulouse)

Partners : Alain Ghio (LPL, Aix-en-Provence), Pascal Gaillard (Octogone, Toulouse), Corinne Fredouille (Université d'Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse), Jérôme Farinas (IRIT, Toulouse),

French National Research Agency - Call Joint Lab v4, LETRA project

"Joint Laboratory LETRA (Laboratory of Technical Studies and Research on Hearing)" (2014-2017)

Leader: Pascal Gaillard (MSHS-T, PETRA)

Partners : Xavier Aumont (ARCHEAN Technologie Company)

French National Research Agency - call Corpus, CIESS project

"Constitution, Indexing and Enrichment of an environmental Sound Corpus" (2013-2016)

Leader: Pascal Gaillard (Octogone PETRA)

Partners : IRIT-SAMoVA, Société Audiogaming.

Submitted projects

Research and Innovation Actions Future and Emerging Technologies: Call FETPROACT

Audimus Ergo Sumus - (2014-2017)

Porteurs: Pascal Barone (CerCo, France)

Partners : INCAS3 (The Netherlands), Ghent University (Belgium), Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Germany)

Recently achieved projects

Région Midi-Pyrénées - call AGILE-IT

"Measure of speech understanding: electronic device preset hearing aid based on a cognitive approach" (2013-2015)

Leader: Xavier Aumont (ARCHEAN Technologie Company)

Partners: Octogone PETRA and IRIT-SAMoVA

European research project

"Music4VIP" - Music for Visually Impaired Person (2013-2015)

Leader: Conservatorio di Musica " Cesare Pollini ", Padova, Italy

Partners: IRIT-TOBIA, Octogone and teams from Poland and England

Emerging project health

"Project "Paralothèque"" (2013-2014) founded by "Cancéropôle de Toulouse"

Leader: Virginie Woisard (CHU Rangueil-Larrey Hospital and Octogone PETRA)

Partners: LPL - UMR 6057