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Delhom - Acoustique

par admin - 3 juillet 2014

Mastery of sound in the environment, listening pleasure in a concert venue, sound precision in a recording studio, the comfort and protection of workers or the sound insulation of buildings all have a common denominator : acoustic engineering.

Since 1985, Acoustics Consultancy, DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE, have been supplying their services and expertise to resolve problems linked to acoustics in buildings, industry, architecture and the environment.

Equipped with measuring instruments at the cutting edge of modern technology together with software of their own design for making projected calculations, their team of specialist engineers and acousticians carry out monitoring, measuring, diagnostics, and remedial work, as well as conception and design consultancy for the supply of customized acoustic solutions.

Whatever the project or field of activity, DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE, will use all its resources and competences in order to guarantee cost-effective solutions whilst safeguarding the maximum quality of service and supplying customized acoustic consultancy services.