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TCL-LabX version history

par admin - 10 février 2017

Version 0.3.11x

Change :
- TCL use now quicktime to play sounds

Version 0.3.10x

Change :
- remove the confirm box at the end of a definition class

Version 0.3.9x

Added :
- You can now add picture on each button (many thanks to Maxime Rosito, CerCo, CNRS, Toulouse, France) you can use images from 20 pixels to 120 pixels. You have to resize first (manually) images.
- Tool tip on button, to display the name of the button flew (used when the button display a picture)

Version 0.3.8x


Additions :
- it’s now possible to choose the most typical stimulus when you define each class
- you can adjust the "action rate" between 200ms, 1000ms. The "action rate" is the duration between each recording of stimulus-button position during the experiment

Change :
- rewrite the code to keep the button within the screen

Bugs :
- Now, play a sound does not move the icon
- a few finishing touches...

Version 0.3.6x

bugs :
- some bugs corrected...
- now it’s REALLY no longer possible to put a button out off the screen

Version 0.3.5x

bugs :
- When you put more than 40 sounds in the sounds folder, only 40 first ones are shown for the test. This bug is corrected. Now it’s possible to put up to 100 sounds... :)

Version 0.3.4x

bugs :
- when you save the data, TCL-LabX duplicate the last number of stimuli at the beginning of the class data. This bug is corrected

Version 0.3.3x

bugs :
- It is no longer possible to put a button out off the screen
- Playing sound during classification no more micro-move the button
- it is no longer possible to click "End" / "New Class" button before the end of the definition of classes
- when you cancel the subject data, is not modify the app background

changes :
- the "hide bachground option" is changed

addition :
- added a confirmation at the end of class definition

Version 0.3.2x

- Changes the way to select each member of a class in class definition (thanks to Virginie)

Version 0.3.1x

Changes :
- during the test : one cannot put the buttons any more outside of the screen by error during classification
- during the definition of the classes : one cannot select one button in a class any more if it were already selected in another class
- during the definition of the classes : one must select all the buttons at least in a class before finishing the test

Version 0.3.0x

First English Version

Free Categorization Task Interface

For PsychoAcoustical Experiment

You can use this application freely

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