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par admin - 7 mai 2014


The first goal of the PERCEPTRION project is to educate the public, young and old, about the importance of hearing in everyday life. The second objective is to create links between researchers on auditory cognition and the public. The innovative facility PERCEPTRION allow to interact with sound objects in a simple and playful way. Actions carried out directly by the sound objects allow users considerable interaction and manipulation of sounds in their environment. The public will thus have a direct and substantial contact with sounds and access to advanced technologies of sound simulation.

The project is presented by the PETRA at the University of Toulouse le Mirail. The team consists of four researchers :

Cynthia Magnen, in charge of linguistics, phonetics and experimental aspects of the platform. His work is at "the crossroads between phonetics , phonology , the speech processing and second language learning".

Julien Tardieu working on the perception of sounds in their environment, in particular on how sounds can facilitate the activities that we practice .

Lionel Fontan is in charge of computer science, linguistics and experimental aspects of the platform. He is particularly interested in the intelligibility and speech understanding .

Pascal Gaillard, head of the scientific organization of the platform, national and international relations, as well as project management .